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Best tablets for seniors with brain fitness feature

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We are surrounded by technological innovations that come in different sizes and shapes. However, all of them are aimed at meeting the needs of its users. Technology and tech devices like smart tablets have transformed humans and businesses in various ways. Not only young adults, but the aging senior population has started to embrace technology and its offerings.

 The use of technology and innovation in medical care for seniors is not uncommon. Studies and research indicate that devices that stimulate brain cells are beneficial for older adults suffering from memory loss. The use of electronic bedside devices and the best tablets for seniors has shown a delay in dementia or memory loss in older people. The best part is, there are plenty of tablets and devices that come pre-loaded with such brain games and brain fitness apps.

We have listed some of the tablets here:

  • Birdsong Tablet

Birdsong tablet was initially designed to study the implications of tech devices on senior health care. After the end of the research, it was found that such devices have great potential to help aging adults fight boredom, isolation, depression, memory loss, and other mental health issues. Now, one can buy the tablet and enjoy all it has to offer to its users. If you are looking for a tablet dedicated to strengthening cognitive fitness, your search will end at Birdsong because this is the best game tablet for seniors.

The Birdsong tablet is a warehouse of games and apps that are perfect for those who are struggling with memory loss or dementia. This device is also a great pick for someone who wants to stay connected with the world and fight of depression and isolation. Once the tablet is out of the box, it’s ready to be used. The user can spend long hours using the tab without worrying about eye pain.

  • Asus Zen Pad 3S

Asus Zen Pad runs on Android, making it easy to use and operate by someone who has no or little experience with smartphones. The tab is a great alternative to the iPad and still affordable. It has a 9.7-inch 2k display, which is big enough for an older person to see the icons and fonts clearly. Besides this, it’s brighter than most tablets in the market. Older people don’t have a steady hand. There are changes they lose the grip of the tablet and break it. However, the Asus tablet is covered with corning gorilla glass that gives it protection from damage. One can download and store plenty of apps, games, and brain fitness material from the internet.

  • Kindle Fire HD 8

Kindle Fire HD 8 is an affordable pick that comes with all the goodness of senior tablets. For seniors with visual impairment, the tablet comes with VoiceView text to speech feature that reads whatever is on the screen. Another senior-friendly feature is its sensitive touch screen that can be magnified as and when needed. One can read ebooks and enjoy Amazon content and Amazon store.…